You don’t need a job!

Are you perpetually growing tired with your job? Is your job the number 1 cause of your stress? Is your boss less qualified than you are and works less than you do, yet s/he earns more than you and is consistently insecure with your presence? Do you sense that you are in a career transition phase desiring to step out…yet you don’t have the courage to do so because of a mortgage, bills, children’s schools fees and an uncertain future?

Have you shaped your life around your job? Does your job dictate where you live? When/where you go for vacation? Where you take your children to school? What time you wake up? The hours you spend in traffic? Where you take your coffee? While visitors flock from around the world, you have never gone to see the great wildebeest migration…You only enjoy hotels because of a compulsory workshop you attended…the only international flight you’ve taken is job related…

A recent survey indicated that 87% of employees do not like their jobs. 50% do not feel satisfied or fulfilled with their job? 25% say that their jobs are the number 1 stress factor in their lives? 41% live from pay-check to pay-check, nothing is left for investments. After years of work, they literally have nothing much to show for their labour. 70% are not motivated by what they do. 50% are underpaid. 67% are in the wrong field. 72% are undermined in their place of work so that they do not succeed.

We are designed to live abundantly, not sufficiently. If you are in a job that gives you enough to meet your bills, you are still bound by fear…bound by a pay-check…bound by an employer. And if you live by a pay-check, you have accepted and justified the message of ‘living within your means’. You no longer have the infinite provision mentality – reaping from the inexhaustible source. You have accepted average life and fervently defend the status. You blame the government for it. Blame the economy. Blame the boss. Not knowing that, in reality, you have empowered someone to take control of your life, your family and your destiny.

Guess what, if you have a job; someone can fire you. Someone can lay you off! A fact that you know and, hence, the constant dependency fear implanted within you by your employer! And guess what, the older you get, the more resistant to change you become. The more difficult it is for you to initiate anything on your own because you have consistently being demeaned in your place of work by those around you and those above you in competition for the few top slots.

But wait a minute? Who is really stressing you? Who is telling you to stick to that job? I’m informed that as at the posting of this article, by God’s grace, I am the only holder of a PhD in project planning and management in Kenya. Every so often, I come across numerous offers in various institutions including universities. Almost all universities now are offering project planning and management at almost all levels of learning. But, it is clear in my mind, as it was 13 years ago when I graduated with my first degree, that I cannot empower someone to hold my life at ransom and take control of my destiny. That’s why I only lecture on part-time basis. Indeed, when we enrolled for PhD at the University of Nairobi (UoN), we were 98 of us and I graduated alone. Believe me, the main factor that most of my former classmates cited for not graduating with me was their job! Demanding job!

This thing job! You were never meant to be in a permanent job situation. You were designed to work. Not to be employed. You were designed for an assignment. This assignment is tied along your inherent gifts. Unleash the gifts within you. Stop being afraid of who you really are. Three weeks before I graduated with my first degree, I was already exporting to the U.K. and France through a horticultural company I founded and, in addition, I had already established an organizational research and corporate training firm. God always provides in accordance to our faith. In the last three weeks, I interacted with Tabitha Karanja (Keroche), Dr. Mary Okeyo (Makini) and Peter Kuguru (Kuguru Foods) in three different business engagements. Their stories are no different. Faith preceded capital. Lots of folks imagine that they will step out when they get the capital.

This article is not written for everyone. I’m only engaging ladies and gentlemen who left college 10 – 20 years ago who feel increasingly fatigued by their jobs. They are looking for an exit strategy. They sense that they are in a transition phase in their lives. Join me at the Hotel Royal Orchid, Lantana Road, Off Rhapta Road, Westlands on 12th August 2015 from 8am to 5pm for an intensive real interactive talk. You will be required to invest KES 20,000 for the same inclusive of facilitation fee, lunch, 3 teas, seminar materials and all applicable taxes. Bookings will close on 15th July. Call 0725215711 / 0721419430 / 0722278176 for reservations or email me directly: or/and

In this life transforming seminar, I will share with you in the most convincing and inspiring style the stories of hundreds of Kenyans who dared to step out. And how they did it. But even more importantly, how you need to identify your course and optimize your gifting, talents and natural abilities as well as experience in the creation of a sustainable enterprise. And, should you chose to remain as an employee, I will share with you how to renegotiate your terms and convert your job into your work. And use your current employment purely for seed capital.

Between January and April this year alone, I interacted in 42 sessions with entrepreneurs in KCB Biashara Club and Developers Club; Super Distributors from Keroche Breweries; Senior Management from Airtel Kenya including the group CEO and directors; Senior Management from Lapfund; Three departments of KRA in 3 different seminars; and Senior Management from KCB including regional and branch managers, among others.

In this “You Don’t Need A Job” Seminar, I will bring along a rich entrepreneurial and corporate experience from various sectors of our economy. If you are married or engaged, I encourage you to attend the seminar together with your partner because, most likely, you will be making life changing decisions. We will closely follow you after the seminar to ensure your pursuit takes off. Be bold enough and be the next employer that Kenya is yearning for!

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga, PhD – Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker
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