Worst roommate I’ve ever had

For some people, our college roommates become our lifelong friends. They’re the ones we vent about life with, the ones who get to see our ugliest faces on Snapchat, and the ones we’ll be having wheelchair races with 60 years from now. For the rest of us, our roommates are a bit – how do we say – different. We asked our readers to share their craziest roommate stories and they definitely did not disappoint. Check it out!

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1. The Sleep-Talker.

My roommate would talk in her sleep. One night I heard her talking louder than usual, so I asked her if she’s okay. She turned around and she kept asking, “Have you seen Joe? I can’t find him.” I responded, “Who’s Joe? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” This is where it gets a bit strange. My roommate sits up slowly and just turns her head facing me. I feel like I’m in some horror movie and she’s about to jump at me. My heart’s racing at this point and I ask her, “Umm…. Are…. Are you ok?” She then turned her head back forward and slowly layed back down. I just went back to bed and covered myself with my blanket in hopes that she wouldn’t start sleep walking

Submitted by Ivy



2. The Queen of B.O.

My freshman year dorm room always had a horrible stench. I was paranoid that I was the source, so I spent a whole day washing every single thing on my side of the room. When that didn’t work, I realized the smell had to be coming from my roommate. I eventually figured out that she had really bad B.O., and the smell would worsen whenever she took off her shoes. Curious as to how somebody could possibly smell so foul, I secretly searched through her belongings to see what kind of soap and shampoo she uses. I searched every corner, every drawer, and every box in the room only to find that my roommate, in fact, did not own any soap at all.

Submitted by Kate

3. The Twitter Tough Guy.

My freshman year roommate and I were polar opposites, so we generally kept to ourselves and did our own thing. We were always polite when interacting with each other, so I didn’t think we had any problems. One day I noticed she wrote her Twitter handle on the dry erase board hanging from our mini fridge. I then looked her up on Twitter, only to be surprised by a series of insulting tweets about me on her page. In one of them, she even threatened to throw a rock at my head. Thankfully, there were only two weeks left of school before I got to move out!

Submitted by Sam


 4. The Cat Bully.

I had an old friend that I hadn’t spoken with much during the last year of high school. She needed a place to live because she had been kicked out of her parents’ house. It took almost no time at all to realize why. She was rude to her mom, who was still giving her cash and groceries. She used her rent money to pay for all sorts of stuff – but not rent. She even burnt my poor, already-skittish cat just for kicks! And she would show up at 2 am, locked out and proceed to pound on the door, screaming and waking up the whole complex.

Submitted by Stacy


5. The Thief.

Throughout the year, my roommates and I had cash go missing. Whenever we would bring it up, our other roommate would just say, “I can’t believe you would be that irresponsible!” One roommate had her debit card and phone go missing, and she started getting weird charges on her card. We soon found out who the charges were coming from…. our other roommate! We contacted the housing agent and the police and she got kicked out. We also found out afterwards that she stole the phone and had sold it!

Submitted by Nancy


6. The Chore Dodger.

The beginning of my freshman year of college I was living with two other girls. I brought a microwave and some plastic plates (which I never intended to put into the microwave) and told my roommates that they could use them whenever they needed. One day I come back from classes and saw that one of my roommates didn’t know that plastic and microwaves do NOT mix. The plate she had used was burnt and there were specks of food on it, leading me to believe that she had proceeded to eat whatever it was she had microwaved (OH MY!). I didn’t ask her about it because I was waiting to see if she would say anything. She said nothing. The three of us had left that plate there for over a week. I ended up switching dorms to live with a new, really compatible friend. It wasn’t until I was clearing out all of my stuff from the room that I threw away the plate.

Submitted by Ashley