Why Africa Becoming an Entrepreneurial #Haven

Are you looking into Africa?

The world of investment is looking into Africa and the case of the continent cannot be overstated. For quite a long time, Africa was considered non resourceful but with realization of great economic growth in the continent, investors have cast out their economic nets wide into nearly all the countries in Africa.

Africa is the new frontier of global economic activity. This is because African governments have embraced reforms that are specifically geared towards attracting investors into the continent. The first ever Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the sub Saharan Africa was held in Kenya in July 2015. In the recent past, Africa has not only gone through great resource discoveries but also growth in nearly all the economic sectors. Research has shown that some of the fastest growing economies are currently in Africa and specifically in East Africa.

For any business to remain globally competitive it must establish an investment strategy for Africa; it will be business suicidal for any international investor not to consider Africa.
Sharpen the entrepreneur in you.