When do you require a land surveyor?

Requirements for you to carry out a land survey

1. Approval from the registered owner or legitimate authority

2. Approval from the Land Control Board (Agriculture), local authority (leased land) or commission of lands (land leased from the government) 

3. Surveyor should have sufficient survey information – maps duly approved by director of survey and recognized as legitimate for title survey

4. Have the neighbours present during the time of survey to avoid disputes

Procedure between Surveying land and Receiving the new Title Deed(s)

1. Surveyor comes and surveys the land and compiles the data in a Mutation Survey Document, (The Mutation Survey Document supports the title if it’s endorsed by a licensed surveyor or government surveyor).
2. If by a licensed surveyor, then it should include a Letter of endorsement from the property owner to show that it was carried out to the owner’s satisfaction.

3. Surveyor presents the documents to the district survey office or to the director of survey (if you’re in Nairobi).

4. The documents are reviewed and the property is issued with new numbers.

5. The documents with the new numbers plus a request from the property owner for new title deeds are sent to the District Land Registrar to get new title deeds.

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