What’s the one thing that’s absolutely Kenyan?

Kenyans must have invented the traffic jam. Boy! don’t we love the excuse? it always works like charm. How we wish we had the Winter too.

Kenyans are a peculiar people:

– They come late but still don’t want to queue or be kept waiting.

– They come late but still want the best seat at the front row

– They won’t vote but still want a president of their choice

Kenyans are lovers of convenience it’s no surprise we invented mpesa.

We love convenience and we love excuses, when asked why we haven’t sent the cash, almost by reflex, and fake grimace we respond, “mpesa iko na delay, nkt”.

We love delays but not to be delayed. We delay until the last minute possible to file our KRA Income tax returns. Foreigners think we are busy people; it’s bluff. Half of the people cruising on foot in the CBD are rushing to beat a deadline, they’ve been sitting pretty for the last six weeks until the last 2 hours to the deadline.

How we hate Matiang’i and Governor Mutua with their chap chap whatever.

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