What makes a business great?

A great business is made when an entrepreneur forms a clear picture of what he wants the business to look like right from the start of the business. He then works to develop the business towards achieving this picture. This is called the entrepreneur’s dream.
The entrepreneur knows his business consists of several functions or components each contributing to the creation of the larger picture in a systematic way. He knows every step he needs to make in order to take the business to where it ought to be. Every step of development is measurable in terms of the things that must be undertaken to achieve this picture.

It’s like building a house. Long before the contractor begins to build a house, he has the plan that forms the picture of the house as it would look when finally completed. Every step he takes in the construction is a contribution towards achieving the final look of the house. He’s also able to measure daily, weekly and monthly progress made in relation to the final picture. So it should be with an entrepreneur who builds his business.

Sharpen the entrepreneur in you.

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