Types of Land Use

What types of land use are there? Let’s find out!

There are five main types of land use: residential, agricultural, recreational, transportation, and commercial.

What type of home do you live in? Whether you live in an apartment, townhome, house, or other type of home, the land where you live is used for residential purposes. This means the land is used to provide housing for people to live in.

If you’ve ever visited a farm, you’ve witnessed agricultural land use. Land used for agriculture primarily produces food for people to eat. This could be growing fruit or vegetables or raising livestock that produce meat, eggs, and poultry. The next time you eat your favorite meal, remember that agricultural land use made it possible!

Do you like to go swimming at the pool or hike at the park? If you do, you have definitely taken advantage of recreational land use. This means that the land is being used to provide a place for people to relax and play. Many of the lands used for recreation include natural features of the land that are already there, including hiking on mountains, swimming in lakes, and climbing trees.