The Folly of Passion

Starting a business in the are of your passion is a big plus. However you must not think even for one moment that it’s going to be easy. All the vagaries of trade will hit you just the same way they hit every entrepreneur. Passion doesn’t attract profits it only motivates you to begin and to keep going. There will also be lonely days and stormy days that you’ll seriously consider quitting your passion. Studies have shown that majority of people get demoralized once they begin working their passion for money because it means it’s no longer a hobby it’s a livelihood and you have to deliver.

Do you need passion to start a business?

Most of the successful business owners just saw a need and began a business to feel it. They keep their commitment and deliver excellent service so their customers are happy and keep coming back.

Does passion result to success?

It has been said, “do what you love and success will come”. This is a misconception, some people are so passionate about their businesses that they put blinders on and don’t even realize that they are working so hard on something nobody needs. They close their ears to reason and their effort comes to nothing.

I thought I should put you in the right frame of mind so that once you jump in there will be no turning back. See you at the podium.

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Makao Bora