What technology businesses can I start with little capital?

Drone Technology
Where are all the drones that were purchased 3 years ago? You could set up a repair shop for broken drones. You can train beginners on how to fly a drone. You could find idle drones and hire them out at a commission to people who need to use them.

App Market
There’s a worldwide headache, the silent ache of slow smartphones as a result of installing numerous apps, some of which we don’t use in weeks. If you have coding skills you can find a way for smartphone users to run their favorite apps on a cloud (remote server) instead of downloading and installing them on their devices which eventually affects performance especially for the cheap ones.

Electric Cars
Even though electric cars have been here for a while, it only a very small percentage of people who have had a chance to ride or even drive one. If you know a friend who has an electric car you could let people test drive at a fee. The curiosity to rev a completely silent motor will keep them coming.