Syokimau has become ‘uninhabitable’ residents are running away

When a thick smoke began to cover Syokimau in 2016, residents immediately knew there was going to be a big problem.

Shortly after, children choking at night, sneezing and gasping for air. 

Many homes would report a thick and sticky residue with a pungent smell on their windows and walls.

Representatives of the Syokimau Residents Association, says the situation has not been arrested.

They said the smoke has made the area uninhabitable and that several residents have sold their homes and moved to different locations..

Residents have reported NEMA accusing Endmor Steel Millers Limited, a metal smelting company constructed inside the estate.

Residents claim that it is find it is now very difficult to stay inside their homes, especially when the factory is on fully throttle.

The factory management has defended it’s operations, saying they have done everything required to control noise and emissions.

Nema officers assesed the factory in January. They found it wanting and ordered it closed in February.