Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go into Business

You don’t like your current role, Find another role with the same company. [tweetthis display_mode=”button_link”]Find another job[/tweetthis]You don’t like your current employer. find another employer.

You want lots of free time. stop being lazy business ain’t for lazy people.

Everyone is going into business. once you get into business your bills remain your individual responsibility not everyone’s. many times you’ll be lonely sorting your own owes. then you’ll realize you’re not everyone.

You don’t want anybody telling you what to do. Clients tell you what to do all the time.

You want to make a lot of money quickly “like your boss”. ask him how long it has taken to start making big money. business takes time to grow, initially you may to make any money sometimes even up to six months.

You are tired of you current job-related stress. find another job. Businesses can be stressful, even successful once. they every so often give the owners sleepless nights. business ain’t a cure for stress.

You just lost your job or have been retrenched. You are in the worst state of mind to start a business. talk to your connections for a job opportunity or upgrade your skill to be more employable.