Who Killed Dr Robert Ouko – Retracing the Final Steps of the Fallen Minister


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One of Kenya’s most high-profile murders – of Foreign Minister Robert Ouko – was carried out in one of then President Daniel arap Moi’s official residences, MPs were told told in an inquiry.



Report by the parliamentary select committee says Mr Ouko was bundled into a government car and driven to State House lodge in Nakuru, where he was killed.

Dr. Robert Ouko was Kenya’s Minister for Foreign Affairs when he disappeared on the night of 12 February 1990. Ouko disappeared from his farm in Koru near Muhoroni. On 16 February the government announced that his body had been found at Got Alila hill, near Ouko’s home. The body had been mutilated and burnt and was found with items including a gun, a diesel can and matches. All apart from the diesel can had belonged to Ouko. News of the crime set off riots in Nairobi.

Initial police reports suggested that Ouko had committed suicide but it soon became apparent that Ouko had been tortured and shot before his body was burnt. Public pressure led President Daniel arap Moi to ask British detectives from New Scotland Yard to investigate Ouko’s death…