The illustrated annual of phrenology and physiognomy by Samuel R Wells [pdf]


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1869 Excerpt: …of Phrenology is the adoption by writers and speakers of the phrenological terms and nomenclature relative to character. This is observed in the court-house in the trial of causes–in the selection of juries–in the estimate placed upon witnesses, or of persons accused of crime; we observe it in the pulpit; in some cases the phrenological names are employed, but more frequently the references show that the preacher has given the subject a careful study, or has borrowed ideas from a science he is not bold enough to avow. In the lecture-room, the lyceum, and the debating club, character is analyzed and referred to in a manner indicating that Phrenology is made, consciously or unconsciously, the basis of the analysis. Sensible and candid people no longer make Phrenology a subject of ridicule, but it is respectfully and kindly regarded by clergymen, statesmen, and even by many physicians, and by the great majority of literary men. This interweaving Phrenology or phrenological ideas into current literature and conversation shows several things: 1st, that a most marked effect has followed the labors of its advocates; 2d, that many, people are quite willing to adopt the essence of the science who are still unwilling to do so openly and by name; 3d, that as a science of mind capable of popular appreciation and adoption, Phrenology stands forth superior to any other system ever offered to the world. Teachers have from the first been warm friends of Phrenology–and none more than teachers have opportunity to verify its truth or to avail themselves of its advantages. When all teachers understand Phrenology and apply it, education will be doubled in extent and efficiency, and as a consequence the moral status of the race thus educated intellectually and morally will be.

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