Recipes for Complementary Feeding Children 6 to 23 months (weaning) [pdf]




Criteria for Complementary Feeding
Foods should meet the basic criteria for complementary feeding which includes, FATVAH.
Frequency: The meal frequency should be based on age appropriate recommendations.
Amount: The amount of food given to the young child at each meal should be adequate for the age and provide
sufficient energy, protein and micronutrients to meet the growing child’s nutritional needs.
Texture: The food consistency should be age appropriate and adapted to the child’s requirements and abilities.
Variety: A child should eat a variety of foods that provide different nutrients to meet the child’s nutritional needs.
Active feeding: Encouraging and support a child to eat enough food at each meal.
Hygiene: Foods should be hygienically prepared, stored and fed with clean hands using clean utensils – bowls,
cups, and spoons.