Lady in Waiting: Becoming God’s Best While Waiting for Mr. Right


Lady in Waiting is not about finding the right man, but being the
right woman. Thus it focuses on ten qualities of a godly woman that are
found in the Book of Ruth.

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Is this just another book for singles? No! We believe this book is
unique because its emphasis is not on a woman’s status (single, married,
divorced, or widowed), but on the state of her heart. We want to direct
a woman’s attention toward the One who really understands the longing
of her heart. Too many women grow up believing that the inconsolable
ache in her heart is for “a man.” To love a man, get married, and then
have children is thought to be the only script that will satisfy her heart’s
deepest longing. But no man, woman, or child can appease this longing;
it can only be satisfied by the ultimate Bridegroom, Christ Jesus. This
book nudges a woman closer to God, while acknowledging any longing
she may have to be loved and cherished by a man.