Orie Rogo Manduli on Real Estate

orie rogo manduli orierogomanduli130614It’s not a surprise that Orie Rogo Manduli had been trending on Twitter several hours after her interview on #JKL.

Below are some of here scathing, forthright comments touching on real estate:

@JuicyFile YOWERI MUSEVENI was once my Tenant, says ORIE ROGO MANDULI- #KOT #JuicyFile

@nancyokutah It’s sad that ordinary Kenyans toil so hard to purchase plots, then lairs with cooked documents grab your investments – Orie Rogo Manduli #JKL

Tassia Housing Saga @jnyakiba #JKL he he. The nssf guy is so crooked. Not even his fingers are straight. Orie rogo manduli. He he he…

@nancyokutah If you cant sack the big men involved in land grabbing,then Uhuru has no purpose to campaign, Kenyans will shoe you in -Orie Rogo Manduli

@Daniel_Osiemo #JKL Orie Rogo Manduli challenges @UKenyatta to sack Karen land scandal culprits or lose confidence of #Kenya.