Official Process and cost of buying or selling freehold land step by step

Buy/sell freehold land
  1. Buyer get seller’s copy of title deed
  2. Conduct an official land search at district/county land offices to confirm ownership
  3. Results will be issued by a registrar using the form
  4. Obtain survey map using title deed number at the survey of Kenya office to indicate property location
  5. Visit the property to confirm its existence and carry out due diligence
  6. Get land rates payment clearance 
  7. Draft sale agreement using a lawyer If its matrimonial land, seller’s spouse must sign an agreement to give consent
  8. If the land has encumbrance rights i.e. loan charge, leased, access/ease of way rights, the parties with this rights have to give transfer consent using the form 
  9. If the land title is registered under two parties with equal undivided share eg spouses, also fill form 35 to give transfer consent
  10. Seek consent to transfer land if the title is indicated freehold ie agricultural land
  11. Take consent form to the registrar
  12. Submit forms to land registrar plus a copy of title & consent fee Sh1000 receipt for stamp duty valuation
  13. Registrar submits documents to govt valuer for stamp duty fee valuation
  14. Buyer pays stamp duty fees at KRA i-tax website ( stamp duty is 4% of the value of land in an urban area; 2% of the value of land in a rural area)
  15. The buyer fills an application form for land registration plus original title, stamp duty receipt, sale agreement, certified copies of KRA pin & National ID
  16. Fill application for a certificate of title form
  17. Submit all to the land registrar
  18. Land registrar will use form 2 to register the land
  19. Land registrar will issue a booking number
  20. Takes average 45 days to get the title deed
  21. Format/look for freehold land certificate 

Offices to engage 

  • County/district land registrars
  • National/county survey of Kenya offices
  • National government
  • Land Control Board
  • National/County land registry
  • KRA
New form to use
LRA 84
LRA 85
LRA 34
LRA 35
Land Control Act CAP 302 Form 1
Self declaration -1 form under Stamp Duty Act
LRA 19
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