Never be Mentored by Losers

We are in a country where many people talk big with no real stuff! The media constantly lures young professionals to reach the top before they turn 40! On three different occasions I have been approached by fellows who want to feature my story. But their true motivation was a brown envelop. Not real stories. As you may rightfully guess, we couldn’t agree on principle.

But this sent me thinking how many Kenyans are deceived out there about fellows who have made it before 40! Make no mistake; I am not suggesting that there are no Kenyans who are very successful by 40. But, do not fall into the temptation of assimilating every piece of the media. Digest what you must. Stop competing with others and focus on your race. There’s too much pressure for professionals to be competitive. While I am not discouraging ambition, compete against your goals in life. Run on your track, not on the fast track. Focus on finishing your race. And, finishing strong.

Be careful with who you pick as a mentor. We have many guys who teach entrepreneurship up-to PhD level and they have never operated even a kiosk. There are countless marriage counsellors who live in relationship wrecks. Believe me; one cannot give what they don’t have. I have taken the task to study successful people in various fields of endeavour. Most of them had great mentors behind their story. Unfortunately, this is a rare treasure in Kenya. No wonder many Kenyans want quick money and the narrative from our media suggests as much.

Bill Gates started Microsoft on 4th April 1975 and the genesis of Warren Buffet’s business empire can be traced to over 70 years ago. Locally, I have personally interviewed many business magnates and their stories are those of patient endurance. Mastering a craft. It is quite easy to admire James Mwangi, Tabitha Karanja, Manu Chandaria etc. The Equity story can be traced to 1984 while Keroche opened shop 18 years ago. The Comcraft Group which Chandaria chairs estimated at USD 2.5 Billion traces its origins to the acquisition of Saucepan Manufacturer Kenya Aluminium in 1929.

I was with Paul Kinuthia last Tuesday, the brain behind the Nice & Lovely brand that L-Oreal, the largest cosmetic industry in the world, bought at KES 1.6B. The creation of Kinuthia’s multi-billion business empire that manufactures leading trade marks like bouncies, all-time sanitary pads, Mr. fluffy, golden shine shoe polish and snow dent tooth paste among others goes way back to 1990.

Having the wrong picture about success leads to burn outs. In 2014 alone, four of my acquaintances were admitted to hospitals, two of them in the ICU, all due to stress related complications. Could this be the trend especially among gentlemen in mid-life? Could this be the mid-life crisis phenomenon? Are you likely to be a victim in denial? That’s why you need a sober mentor who will challenge you out of your comfort zones but within the peripheries of realities.

In essence, the real challenge that most people around and above 40 face is not what they have not achieved, rather they are under duress from within and without the work place on what they ought to have achieved by then. I must caution you, however, 20 years from now, you will not regret on what you did, but on what you never did. Opportunities that you missed because of indecision and fear.

Remember, age has a way of diminishing your energies. Do not overstay in a job situation till all your creative energy is sucked away. Your job was supposed to give you seed capital and corporate experience before you launch out. There will never be an ideal time to exit. To step out and establish your enterprise will not just require rationalization but intuition. Inner instincts that only like-minded can perceive. The ideal employee won’t understand you.

That’s why this message is not for everyone. There are three most probable responses to my solemn call into entrepreneurship. First, there are those who accept their situation as it is and feel they were destined to work for others. Second, there are those who are unsatisfied as employees but they feel helpless about their situation and as such, they are bitter with anyone who dares to challenge their status quo. Thirdly, there are those who objectively critique provocative information and analyze how they can apply the same to challenge their status quo premised on the conviction that there is something that they (themselves) can do to change their tomorrow.

For this reason, I invite the third category of my inquisitive readers to join us at the “You Don’t Need A Job Seminar” on the 12th August 2015 at the Hotel Royal Orchid, Lantana Road, Off Rhapta Road, Westlands from 8am to 5pm for a guaranteed life-changing seminar. We have already received a number of bookings and we will close bookings on 15th July for logistics purposes. Call 0725215711 / 0721419430 / 0722278176 for reservations or email me directly: or/and  HYPERLINK “”  Following requests from fans in the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Middle East, we will also stream the seminar live at a nominal cost.

In this transformational seminar, we will not only explore business options commensurate to your inherent abilities, talents, gifting and work experience as well as going trends in Kenya and overseas, but even more importantly, we will follow you up to ensure that success is not an option. It is an assurance for the seminar attendees. The attendees will be given an opportunity to become partners of SENSE 101 Life Club. This is an absolutely free mentorship club with no hidden costs where members keep each other on their toes on personal branding, time management, business engagements, capital infrastructures, investment soundness, service delivery and personal as well as career growth and development.

As most of my fans already know, I have been active in corporate training and organizational re-engineering for many organizations. Last week, by God’s grace, I was appointed a Director of the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA). I can say with integrity that I know what employers want us to train their staff – team work, change management, performance management, monitoring & evaluation, making competition irrelevant, culture change etc. And, rightfully so. But, employers won’t give you a chance to be trained on finding your place in life and maximizing your potential in your own creation. They would rather tie you for a lifetime and ultimately snap away your life dream. That’s why you must make this decision and investment personally and be all you were meant to be.

Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga, PhD – Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker

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