Mida Creek Islands where all women give birth to twins

Mida Creek, a tidal indian ocean inlet that expands across an area of 32 km2. It has one of the largest mangrove plantations and a wide variety of habitats that are influenced by the tide. The creek is also an International Bird Area (IBA) with a wide variety of rare birds that come to breed, many from as far as Europe that stay at the creek between September and April.

Do you know that there are 4 islands around the Mida creek? Two of three of these islands are inhabited by tribes that you probably have never heard of before. Kirekwe island is inhabited by 450 residents of the Mijikenda and the Wartha or Wasanya tribe that are Oromo or Cushitic speakers. Unfortunately this tribe is not officially recognized by the Kenyan government.

The second island has 350 people, Boyani has 200 residents. Then finally there is Bustani island where the locals jokingly say was where Adam and Eve lived. They believe that the pure white sand has miraculous and makes wishes come true. Apparently if honeymooners make love at the garden they will conceive twins!

The inhabitants are hunters and gatherers and undertake fishing. They however have to canoe to a bigger island or mainland to get supplies.

Source: Faith

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