Like Love Wealth Comes Softly

Some people in their zeal will jump to anything thing that promises money and call it a business. Some businesses could leave you in hospital under heavy doses of antidepressants or even in hole, literally dead. Here is why.

1. Get Rich Quick Strategies

You have already heard or even been fleeced by get-rich-quick schemes like the pyramid plans and betting companies where the founder swims in millions whereas you are slaving at the bottom of the pyramid with no one to pass your heavy burdens to.

2. Blind Investment

Others give you misleading information e.g. buying shares will automatically make you rich citing examples of several city tycoons who became overnight millionaires. What a lie! Each venture requires a set of skills to start lots of knowledge and hardwork to sustain; a mountain of experience, genius and discipline to make a fortune from it.

3. Illegal deals

A popular philosophy of aspiring gangsters is ‘get rich or die trying’. Becoming rich ain’t an event, its a process. People usually don’t strike it rich, they GROW rich. Many have died in illegal dealings telling themselves that they’ll only strike that one deal and get rich. Just one drug deal, one armed robbery, one illegal gem deal, a temporal dive into the black market. It’s a hell-hole run from it.

Not Every Business that ‘Has Money’ is good business.

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