This lady calls the landlord at 3 a.m. when she saw a spider

Not long ago I got a call at about 11:45 PM on a weeknight. Being a landlord, I always answer the phone:

Me: (groggily) Hello?

Caller: Hi, I was calling about the apartment for rent, is it still available?

Me: Yes…

Caller: Can you tell me more about it? When can I see it?

Me: (thinking maybe she didn’t realize about different time zones) Are you calling from abroad?

Caller: No, I’m right here in town.

Me: I don’t normally take calls this late.

Caller: Oh…. Should I call back tomorrow morning?

Me: No thanks. Goodnight

If she calls at all hours before she even sees the place, I suspect she’s the kind of tenant that calls at 3AM when she sees a spider.