Joint Venture Proposal for sub-division of Longonot 15 acres

We are looking for Joint Venture partner for a project to sub-divide, market and sell plots out of 15 acres land in Longonot.

The land is flat, facing Mt. Longonot, touching old Naivasha road, close to railway line, Longonot gate and planned railway inland container deport / station. Area of the land touching tarmac is ideal for commercial plots and the other residential.

For comparison, 1/2 acre plots are selling from 5m within Longonot gate, there is high demand for affordable plots in this area and with projected lower unit prices for this Joint Venture, this project has very high return potential.

Below are the proposed basic terms:

1. We propose we get into a joint venture and land will be valued at 1.7m per acre for the 15acres in two titles of 7.5acres

2. We propose a 12m payment for the 15 acres as joint venture contribution. This will free over 10m against the total purchase price (in a straight sale agreement) which the partner can use in other projects. The land owners have immediate cash needs much less that total sale price and reason they wish to get into this Joint Venture as they can wait for plots to be sold.

3. Once agreements are signed and payments of 12m received, the partner will have full access to the land and sub-divide to potions that will give maximum return. The partner will have free hand in this process including pricing.

4. The plot sales money will first cover balance of land value, then partner contribution / costs and thereafter we propose to share on 50/50 basis unit all plots are sold.

Contact me for any additional information and written offers are invited via email to kungumaina

Attached find some photos and location details for reference.


Kung’u Maina

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