How To Renew Your Driving License Online

You can now renew your Driving License online from the comfort of your home, office, or Cybercafé and pay using mobile money, Debit cards, Credit cards and Mobile banking.

STEP 1- Logon to and signup, ( if already registered sign in. )

STEP 2- Click on National Transport Safety Authority link and choose driving license renewal. Enter your Ref no found at Cof C the numbers in bracket , if not sure (Send sms with the word DL to 22430 once subscribed Dial *512# enter yourID to know your Ref number) then choose renewal period.

Step 3- Confirm details and proceed to pay using available payment options.

Click on services and download your renewal slip, print, cut and stick on your Driving License.

Note: Enforcement officers (Traffic police) will use mobile phone to confirm validity of your Driving License