How smell turns you on in many different ways


It is surprising how smell plays a crucial part in marketing and selling of products for a number of companies. This is in the sense that it is used to influence customers while making decisions about goods and products they want to buy. For example, restaurants use it as a selling point and car companies also add excessive smell in new cars to brainwash customers who wish to buy new cars. Interestingly, there are various ways that smell is manipulating us even without knowing. Some of these include;

Makes you order more

Restaurants all over the world have used smell to lure customers to buy more food or even to enter the restaurant while they were just walking by. The smell of certain foods also makes you hungrier, triggering you to buy what you did not intend to. Additionally, when you walk into a restaurant the varieties of food available produce very appetizing smell that triggers you to order more than you intended to. This is actually, one of the major reasons why restaurants and bakeries among other shops allow the scent of their foods to waft out into the public in order to attract more customers who were just passing by.

Mood changer

The sweet scent produced by different flowers aid in distracting the mind, especially the depressed ones and this leaves people feeling better. Due to the fragrance produced by flowers, most people use them on different occasions and ceremonies to make everyone else feel happy. This is the whole concept behind aromatherapy. 

Smell and Taste

Before even tasting your food to determine whether it is sweet, salty, sour or bitter, the nose first captures its fragrance. This is what fuels your urge to taste the food, especially if you love the fragrance. If you loved the smell of your food even before eating it, you might actually find it more delicious than it actually is.

Activates the Emotional Centre

Smell comes with a magical ability to make us joyful or makes us cringe or fearful among other feelings. The chemosignal, which aids in activating different parts of the brain, will determine whether the smell you encountered will make you fearful or joyful.

Getting Back in Time

Our past memories can be triggered in a number of ways. One of these ways includes using smell. Smell can easily trigger memories of the past. For example, when looking for some items in the house or in an old box, you will recognize some scents that will bring back some memories from the past. This will trigger emotional memory making you remember a lot from the past quite suddenly.

Turns you on

Today, there are perfumes and sprays of different scents ladies and men wear. As a matter of fact, some of these perfumes are designed to attract the opposite gender. Therefore, you will find yourself getting attracted to a man or woman who wears a perfume whose scent you love. Interestingly, it is not surprising to get sexually excited when your partner has a sweet scent from a perfume he/she is wearing. How to find your scent personality!

Smell plays a vital role in influencing one’s mind and behaviours. This is why smell is used by different companies and restaurants as a selling point. Since it has a magical ability to influence and manipulate your emotional centre, it can be used in a number of ways to influence your mind, as well as, decisions.


This article first appeared on Potentash