Hiring two house girls is setting yourself up for a stroke

If there is one thing I will never do no matter how moneyed I am, it is to employ two house girls. That is a recipe for chaos and drama.

What I am talking about is unfolding in the house of a close friend. Now let us call her Mama Wendy. Mama Wendy who was blessed with twins who are currently six months old, has two house girls in the name of Mary and Nancy.

Because Nancy happens to be the clean and the most hardworking of the two, she is charged with taking care of the babies and house-related work. By house-related work I mean she is in charge of the food department and all. Mary being the slower one, is charged with the general cleaning business from house cleaning to washing clothes. Now there in lies the problem.

That was a weight question, I had no idea how to go around it. For the five months she has had these two personalities who are as different as Ugali and Mukimo, it has been drama after drama.

The girls fight for Mama Wendy’s attention with each trying to outdo each other. Each of them is out to prove that she is better than the other at what she has been tasked to do.

So every day when my friend comes from work, before she even removes her heels to settle on her expensive couch, the house girls are there each with their list of shame.

“Mama Wendy when you were away Mary did nothing but just gossip with the watchman. She started washing the clothes at 3pm that is why they are still dripping with water and it is 5pm,” that is typical Nancy every day.

“But even Nancy has been doing nothing except cooking and eating. She even eats the babies food,” Mary always defends herself.

In as much as the girls do their work at the end of the day, the share of work is split and the babies are not neglected, my friend is fed up of solving cases.

“I cannot have peace of mind in my own house because I have to solve house girl ‘domes’ every evening. Now what do I do? I cannot fire one and leave the other. I need both of them because of the workload. But I cannot also fire both of them because it will leave me stranded. What do I do?”

My friend is clearly in a dilemma but I had no clue what the solution is to her problem is. Do you?


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