DP Willian Ruto’s house will be renovated at a cost of Sh152 million

The government will spend Sh152.4 million of taxpayers money to complete the renovations in the Deputy President’s Mombasa home.

A contractor was hired last year by the office of the DP to upgrade coastal home. It previously belonged to the Coast provincial commissioner as the official resident.

Allocation of Sh37.4 million starting July for renovation works by Treasury is underway.

The work cut out for the contractor is to refurbish the house extensively so as to befit the status of the second in command. The house is currently not occupied.

 The last occupant of the house was former Coast PC and a past Coast regional coordinator Samuel Kilele.

A second office will also be built in Mombasa for the DP and is estimated to cost billions of shillings.

Informed by security concerns, the Government decided against leasing an office for Mr Ruto in Mombasa. This decision prompted plans to build the new block.

Currently DP Ruto resides at his private home instead of the palatial Karen house constructed on a 10-acre piece of land at a cost of Sh 400 million.

The Deputy President only uses the Karen residence for his official engagements, mostly when hosting visiting delegations.

The Karen residence will also be refurbished at a cost of about Sh16 million. Harambee Avenue DP office is also marked for renovation at Sh35 million.

The DP will from now be expected to reside in his house during official working tours in the Coast, instead of staying at beach hotels like he has done in the past.