DIY: Interior Design Tips


Looking for an interior designer in Kenya?

Well, there are many of them near you, but they don’t come cheap. And finding a good one can be quite the hustle.

However, fear not as you can decorate your house to suit your taste using these easy DIY (do-it-yourself) tips:

  1. Apply Softer, Lighter Colors in Smaller Rooms

Small rooms often tend to seem cramped. With large windows, ample use of mirrors, and light-colored walls, tiny spaces can appear larger than they are.

On the flip side, darker colors make rooms feel smaller.

Soft, Light Colors

  1. Use Mirrors to Enhance Your Home’s Lighting

As mentioned above, mirrors can make small spaces feel bigger. They also add instant light to rooms with a limited amount of natural lighting.

Place mirrors directly across your windows to enjoy a rich ambiance.

Additional, mirrors (large or small) add dimension to your living space.

Mirrors will make your space look bigger

  1. Mix Up Patterns and Textures

Good interior designers will you that the most crucial part of decorating your house is that it reflects your style, identity, and personality.

With fabrics, whether in pillows, rugs, and furniture; patterns and varied colors can bring texture and warmth into your home.

On your ceilings and walls, try to introduce different textures to create intriguing designs that add character to your living space.

Texture and Patterns

  1. Use What You Have

More often than not, we have items in our possession that we have stored away. Instead of running to the shop when you need some accessories, how about you take a look at what you already have?

You will be amazed at what designs you can create with what you already have.

Wooden, metal, acrylic, or cloth items can be placed atop tea carts, bedside tables, luggage racks, and coffee tables for extra dimension and texture. Arrange frames, pile books, or even candles on top of them.

You could hang some of your plates to create beautiful wall art.

Plate Wall Art

  1. Go Green

As an interior designer, I often strive to bring the outside to an interior space –wherever necessary.

Plants are an inexpensive way to accessorize your home and add texture and color. It’d be a great idea to add plants to your living space.

The plants will not only beautify your house, but they’ll also balance humidity and clean household air.

go green, go big

This piece was created, curated, and edited by Irungu Gichuki, a Professional and Certified Interior Designer. Irungu is based in Nairobi and often offers consultancy on flooring, interior design plans, office design planning, gypsum works, interiorscaping, landscaping, tapestry, and digital marketing.


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