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Stork Meat Alert – Niwekee mwewe, managu and ugali then unatia firifiri kidogo yenye inaskika kwa umbali huko Lokichogio @KenyanTraffic

You could be eating marabou stork without you knowledge. The birds, also known as the ‘undertakers’, scavenge in their thousands at the Dandora dumpsite from where they’re sourced cheaply by crooked hotel operators. Though unfit for human consumption, the ‘undertakers’ are slaughtered in nearby slums and delivered to various city…

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University don caught pants down with her driver

A university don is the talk of town after she was caught pants down with her driver in a car. Her marriage is now on the rocks, with her husband threatening divorce. The don is now trying everything to save the marriage. On the other hand, the affair seems to…

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How Moi sent assassins to trail and kill Koigi Wa Wamwere in Norway

In February of 1987, Kenya’s Environment Minister, Jeremiah Nyaga, was visiting Scandinavia. Addressing officials, he said: “It is better for Koigi (pictured) to be incarcerated in a Kenyan prison than for him to face an uncertain future in Norway…” A few weeks back, dissident Koigi Wamwere had fled to Norway,…

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