How To File and Track Your Court Case Online Step by Step @KenyanTraffic

To begin able register on the e-filing court platform in order to log-in to the Judiciary System.

These are parties that may use the online system:

  • Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Members
  • Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
  • Police
  • Members of the Public

File Cases Online

On the website if you are filing on your own select the option ‘Individual’,

  1. Fill in all your details
  2. Activate your account:
  3. You will receive an activation email (remember to check the spam folder in case of delay)
  4. Click the activation link back to the Judicial website.
  5. Update your account details and your account is now ready.

File Cases Online

Now you can upload documents, asses court fees and submit files to the registry. This can be dine using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Steps of Filing A Case

  • Log in to the the judiciary online platform as explained above.
  • Click on file new case
  • Enter the details of the parties and click next
  • Scan each document separately with the correct name
  • Choose the name of the document to be uploaded from the drop-down menu and attach the document from the location that you saved them
  • Upload the document(s) onto the e-filing system
  • Pay the required amount assessed using the MPESA Paybill Number 553388 and the Unique Account Number indicated on the Invoice (Starting with letter “E”)
  • You will receive a confirmation message from KCB,
  • The system will auto-generate a case number
  • Indicate the generated case number on your physical documents.
  • Print the Electronic Receipt and keep it safely for future court visit. It will help the cashier give you an official receipt and stamp of your documents.

You can use this link to track your case CLICK HERE

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