How can I make my pink room less girly?

Elizabeth replies..

I love figuring out décor details to bring out personality.  Here are a couple of suggestions of what I might do if I was in your situation:

Think of the pastel pink as your neutral color.  It’s like a big canvas that has a little more warmth than white.  You just need to add accents to bring out your grown up personality.  I would personally stick to one or two accent colors to keep everything looking put together.

Add some leather accents.  Leather gives an instant grown up look to a room.  Cognac color leather looks really pretty with pastel pink.  Or if you want something a little more edgy go with black leather (or pleather).  You could get a throw pillow for the bed or desk accessories.

Stay away from florals and lace.  Florals and lace will always look kind of girly.  Think about adding a bold contrasting color in the bedspread or curtains.

If you can add a rug, maybe you’d like a woven natural looking rug in a tan or brown or white if you want the room to look bigger.

Mirrors can add a lot of personality and make the room feel bigger too.  If your parents are ok with you adding a big mirror, you can choose a cool shape and color.