How to Buy Land Stress-free

Once you have identified the land you need to buy does some background check on it. Ask neighbours living nearby about the history of the land. Look at the type of soil is it red soil or black cotton soil? Black cotton soil has poor drainage and is unsuitable for a garden or lawn meaning that you would need to buy red soil if you want a garden. Check for access roads and the amenities around like schools, hospitals, churches, police stations. It is also advisable to visit the land during the rainy season. It might be a river course or the water from neighbouring lands rains in your land. Consider the shape of the land, for instance how suitable is a triangular plot?

After you are satisfied with the land it’s time to do an official search to ascertain that the details on the title deed tally with the government records. If you are in Nairobi you can search using the e-citizen online portal. Other areas you need to visit the local land office. After verifying the details go to the government survey department and acquire and aerial map of the land.

Now you are ready to begin the transaction but you must not to just exchange hard cash between you and the seller. It’s risky. Get a lawyer; he will be able to certify the identity of the owner. The lawyer will also draft a water-tight agreement. He will stand as an intermediary between you and the seller and offer legal guarantees. He will hold the cash until complete transfer is done and only then will he release the money to the seller. With a lawyer you will have recourse in case anything goes wrong and someone tries to defraud you or you get a raw deal. If the lawyer in untrustworthy you can raise a complaint with the Law Society of Kenya. First look up their name in the LSK website to verify their authenticity.