How to build without money

A friend tells me how he developed his rental apartment in Jamhuri estate and from which he now collects quite a chunk of revenue, without borrowing a dime. “A brick a day, literally,” he says.

All you need is the dream and the drive to see your project accomplished, no matter how long it takes. And of course the designs plus a piece of land that you own. After all, you have no contractual obligations to fulfil. No contractor who will charge you interest on delayed payment or a bank threatening to auction you if you don’t service your loan.

Every time he got a few thousand shillings, he would throw them in the project. One time he would buy building stones for the substructure and once he had finished with that he would sit looking for cash to buy the sand for the next step, such as walling.

At one point, he had to sell his stocks to get some sizeable amount for casting the slab. Of course, you know that this needed to be done all at once for the sake of the concrete specifications and would have needed the engineer to be paid for full supervision.

On and on he went until he found himself roofing the first level of apartments that he then let out and put aside the money for the gradual completion of the rest of the building.

Wow! How did he just achieve this? To his amazement, he had no recollection of how he had managed such a heavy investment. He did it with so much ease he was inspired to do it again and again.

You may be interested to know that he now owns a sizeable amount of property. Oh, and he did not compromise on the standards of the building. Slowly but sure, he incorporated every single aspect required by law and the market.

Thing is mountainous things are done by those who are determined. Those who are not to be constrained by fear. And those who are wise enough to focus their energies until a goal is realised.

But take caution not to copy and paste. People are different and their drives are different. It’s good to take calculated risks.

Those who have mastered the game will tell you that Sh10,000 can build a course of walling. And this is money better spent than just buying beer!

Source: People Daily

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