What is the best Real estate Or Stocks?

There are a few things I’d like to share about money. Money can be preserved, deployed for growth, as well as income.

Real estate would fit all three depending on the strategy chosen in real estate. With real estate preservation, real estate is bought around very established areas in your area. Growth is right on the cusp of a major development. A situation where this is true when out-of-state investors are coming to your town to buy real estate hoping for growth in the city and resulting in a major appreciation of properties in the surrounding area. Income is achieved by having rental properties in high demand areas such as downtown, near major hospitals, major retail stores, and etc.

Stocks also can fit all three depending on the strategy. You have your dividends from stock ownership which fits the bill for income. Preservation can be achieved by buying stocks in long standing companies. Where growth is achieved with the purchase in stocks that are primarily in emerging markets.