Avoid These Mistakes When Naming Your Business

What’s in a name?

Every business is known by its name. The name of a business communicates about it and not just to the customers but to other stakeholders too, like employees and suppliers. It can communicate the vision of the entrepreneur, the services offered by the business or the standards of the business. A business name is so important that it can form positive expectations and draw people to the business.

An entrepreneur should carefully choose a business name that does not work against his marketing efforts.If an entrepreneur has a vision to do business globally, it is advisable that the name communicate this vision when the business is still small. He should avoid a name that is associated with himself as an individual because such a name does not reflect growth of the business and it’s comparable to sowing a good seed on sandy soil. All his efforts will be met by a hostile environment.

While it may be comical with some African communities that name their new born children by the latest world great leaders, celebrities and events, there’s one thing they surely understand; success is directly related to a name. Choose carefully, a good business name attracts business success.
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