Are you defined by your business card?

Have you disposed yourself as Mr. or Ms. “X” but deep down your heart, you know that you are Mr. or Ms. “Y”? ….living a conflicted life? Very proud of your business card titles because you are in middle level management and you (just) can’t wait to parade your corporate name cards…and you gauge others by the same measure? But deep down your heart, you feel trapped? You wish you could step out but you are too timid to try. And, you keep believing there is (still) something inside of you – a lot of potential. But the references of those who’ve stepped out and failed far outweigh those who’ve succeeded. The dilemma is as real as day and night.

Meantime, while you front a strong corporate face as demanded of your job position, deep down your heart, you are severely injured. Someone tries to put you down but you (just) soldier on. Too much is at stake. A car loan, mortgage, school fees and more importantly, your status – which you jealously safeguard…at whatever cost. You are overly preoccupied with what others think of you – but you can’t admit it!

If that describes you, I want to hold your hand. I want to journey with you. Your success is important to me. It’s my mission in life. I have given the subject a lot of thought. I have conducted hundreds of corporate trainings. And I know that you certainly won’t get this inspiration from your place of work to actualize your destiny. I understand your fears…but I also know that your hopes, dreams and inspirations are not dead yet!

The time has come for you to conquer your status quo and dare to be yourself. I live my dreams. Every-day, I wake up to do what I love doing. I can’t explain in writing the amount of satisfaction this gives me. And, may I submit, resources will always follow men and women in pursuit of their dreams.

I am the chairman of the Almasi Group – a holding corporation focusing mainly on PPPs especially constructing hostels for public universities. As a board, we meet once a month. That’s the joy of living your dreams – you can concentrate on what you are good at and create a business system by which you can invest through others. I am also the chairman of the Kenya Association of Project Managers besides being in two government boards. The latter, we meet once per quarter for ordinary board meetings. As you pursue your dreams, you will find others recognize your leadership capabilities and ask for your involvement at a higher level. Remember, you can’t lead others before you’ve learned to lead yourself first.

Historically, greatness was always preceded by slaying the giants. When the brave fathers of our nation agitated for independence, others chose the path of status quo. The route of bondage. They thought it too risky to fight for self-rule. They collaborated with the powers that be.

Florence of Nightingale, the pioneer of nursing homes, was discouraged by her own family not to pursue a career in nursing – ‘it is for poor people’, they said. She was 24 years old when she decided to become a nurse to help soldiers during the Crimean war ignoring the sentiments of her family. She not only lived and died a heroic life, but she will remain one of the most influential personalities of all times in human history. Often, it’s those closest to you that don’t believe in you.

Yesterday, I took my daughter to KICC to listen to actress Lupita Nyongo’s motivational speech. Because I want her world view to be shaped by people who think global. People who see beyond the confines of traditions. Traditions dictate that a student graduates from college…gets a job…rents and furnishes an apartment…buys a car…gets married shortly…sires kids…buys/builds a house…puts up one or two rentals as s/he educates the kids…retires and waits for the life after! With nothing notable to give to the world. Making no clear difference through one’s existence. Yes, the time has come that you critically examine your reason for being.

When Moses bravely obeyed God’s command to lead the Israelites out of the Egyptian bondage, many Jews were sceptical with his mission. Even after witnessing the magnificent separation of the waters of the red sea, most still preferred to retreat back to slavery rather than conquer the barriers that were between them and their freedom. Indeed only two out of the twelve spies (17%) opted to pursue the promise of divine possessions. To-date, only a minority dare to believe God for a limitless life. The majority conform to whatever life brings. They allow others to determine their value at any given moment because it is the route of least resistance.

When Nehemiah resolved to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, rather than teaming up with him and cover the shame that exposed the holy city, Sanballat the Horonite, Tobiah the Ammonite and Company embarked on a mission to discourage the dream carrier and retain the status quo. Shockingly, that these two characters were disturbed and greatly grieved that someone pursued his dream to improve the welfare of his own people (Neh2.10).

Yes, the majority attempted to silence the disciples of Jesus, “thou shall not preach in this name…”, they were sternly warned. However, they refused to capitulate. They paid the ultimate price. But, they stood. And because they stood on their ground, you and I and millions of people around the world, profess the Christian faith 2000 years down the lane. Every whenever you move against the grain, you rub the status quo the wrong way.

Today, I am not calling you to stand against a vampire that wants to suck your blood. I am challenging you to pursue God’s Promise for your life and be all you were designed to be. Inside of you resides the seeds of greatness. You were designed for accomplishment. Say ‘NO’ to procrastination. Slay the “giant” of fear and “other peoples’ opinions”. Everyone wants to succeed. But losers want to succeed, tomorrow. God’s language is ‘now’. This is your day.

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Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga – Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer