5 Ways to Spruce up Your Home

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Just like people, homes needed good grooming from time to time. In this article, we offer you tips on how to revamp your home without having to break the banks.

Here are trendy styles you can incorporate into your home to give it the look you desire.

Bright and bold colour combinations

Bold colours are timeless. The best way to infuse some bright and bold colours into the design of your home is to place small accents or statement pieces around your home. A good way to incorporate this concept is to do it through shades, window blinds, and draperies.

Shades that will bring excitement into your house include hunter green, navy blue, deep red, raspberry, and burnt orange.

Geometric Patterns

Over the years, geometric patterns have become increasingly popular in the day-to-day interior design works. When combined with bold colours, oversized patterns can add contemporary flair and interest to any room.

One of the easiest was to utilize geometric shapes in your space is by adding mirrors, wall hangings, rugs, vases, and throw pillows.

Decorate with plants

With today’s rising use of technology, humans continuously seek connection with other humans and natural elements. Adding greenery to your space will enable you to bring the beautiful touch of nature into your home.

Plants not only create a natural, harmonious atmosphere but also add life a texture to a room. A mixture of large and small plants can complement the bedroom and living room and add serenity to the entire space.

Go minimalist

In interior design, less can be more. Nowadays there are furnishings that are multi-functional, smart, petite, and stylish. Such furnishings can adapt to different needs and spaces.

Adding foldable beds and stacking tables is a great way to modernize and enhance the appearance of your home.

Revamp your floor

Floors should be in your priority list when thinking about glamming your house. Lucky you, area rugs are available in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colours, and texture —use them to dress up your floor.

Add some beautiful floor seating options like poufs and floor cushions (also available in a wide range of colours and patterns). Place an illuminating floor lamp to highlight specific areas of the floor.

This piece was created, curated, and edited by Irungu Gichuki, an Interior Design by Profession and Passion. He is based in Nairobi and often offers consultancy on flooring, interior design plans, office design planning, gypsum works, interiorscaping, landscaping, tapestry, and digital marketing.

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