5 Emotions of a Dying State

Any significant change whenever it happens positive or negative comes accompanied by anxiety and fear. Change always feels like dying because you must leave one state and enter other state. This can be felt individually or collectively. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her book ‘On Death and Dying’ described 5 common emotions that happen to people when they learn of their eminent death. The are dubbed DABDA – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness the first reaction is denying that it could be true. They even claim that their test results could have been swapped with someone else’s or that somehow they could beat the odds. When it finally dawns on them that denial isn’t changing anything they become angry; angry at the systems, themselves others even angry at God. Soon they learn that this doesn’t take the anywhere and they start bargaining, they may say if I become more kind to people maybe I’ll get better, if I go back to church perhaps I’ll be healed. When this does yield they become depressed, they go to a state of solitude and loneliness. If they come out successful on the other side they exhibit acceptance of their situation. They begin talking freely and speak deep profound insights with those interacting with them. They embrace the end of the battle.
Relating this analogy with the state of our nation. When signs started showing that our borrowing, fiscal indiscipline and leakages are spiralling, the immediate reaction by the CS of Finance was denial asserting that the government can never go broke. The president defended the mounting foreign debt and affirmed that he’ll continue borrowing for along as he requires to. When the taps began running dry and our credit rating plummeted the state responded with anger sacking the CS’s and dragging government officials and governors to court. When this didn’t help the government started bargaining with the opposition, arm-twisting constitutional institutions, promoting BBI hoping to bring everyone to the negotiation table. With all the trouble going on we are approaching the next level where the nations may sink into depression. If the government learns its lesson this will be the defining moment when in humility the state will come to full acceptance of its own predicament. Here solutions will be sought with genuineness, openness and goodwill. This could be the defining moment when there is real possibility of a national rebirth and take-off.
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