types of landlords

4 Types of Landlords

The Sadist
He’s hell-bent to cause you as much suffering as possible. from day one he will warn you of dire consequences if you don’t remit your rent before the 2nd day of every month. He will go ahead and spell out his unwritten version of draconian by-laws and their penalties including things like no one will be allowed in after 7pm, you must not host a guest overnight without prior notice …the list goes on.

The Miser
He lives in one of the corner-rooms amongst the line of houses. As a rule power is switched off at 8am in the morning and only switch on when he get back late in the evening. The only time you can iron without flipping the circuit breaker is from 2am when every once else has switched of their lights and entertainment gadgets(hopefully). A broken sewer takes about 2weeks to repair. By now you’ve grown accustomed to the regular power and water disconnections due to outstanding bills.

The Liquor Head
The first time you talked on the phone while enquiring for the vacant house you could tell something was wrong with his voice but who are you to judge a book by its cover? He will stagger to your door step long before end-month and plead for a rent-advance whatever amount you can afford him. One too many times you’ll have to collect him from a trench on your way home…for sympathy sake, you are however wrong to think he will remember your kind gestures come end-month.

The  Pipe Blower

He is cool, calm and collected but is always eager to give you a piece of advice or two.  Not the kind of advise you expect, no, it’s tale after tale of how hard he hustled to get where he is, and how smart he is to have achieve such a feat – building 10 single rooms. He’ll lecture you on your off the mark spending habits that he has no clue about and go on and on…remember this comes after he careful recounted the cash(read rent) you just gave him and safely stached it in his hid pocket.

What regions/estates do you find the about types? What other breed of landlord have you encountered?