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How to “Okoa Stima”

“Okoa Stima”, is a service that  enables customers to borrow any amount within their credit limits  and pay back within 7 days. This is a loan facility from Safaricom – serviced at 10 percent fee via Mpesa money transfer service. Users can register up to 3 meters. Un-registered meters cannot use this facility. How to…

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How to Apply for Birth Certificate for children born of single mothers

Late registration of births is highly discouraged. However, if not registered, you are required to fill and submit registrations form in person at a Civil Registration Department offices near you. The applicant will be vetted. Requirements; 1. Clinic/ Antenatal card 2. Religious certificate 3. Mother’s Identity Card 4. Tangible evidence that the parent has never…

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How to Apply for Birth Certificate for adults born of non- Kenyan parents

Adults born of non- Kenyan parents in Kenya need to fill and submit in person registrations form at Civil Registration Department offices near them for vetting ahead of registration Requirements; 1. Parent’s entry permit/ passports (compulsory) 2. Clinic card/ birth notification 3. Religious certificate 4. Death certificates where parents are dead 5. School leaving certificate/…

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How to Amend a Birth Certificate

In case you want to amend your birth certificate. Within a duration of two years after registration of birth, the names could be changed on application but after production of relevant documentary evidence in support of the amendments.  After two years, you can add names to the existing ones but you cannot remove the names previously…

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Prisons Bus Kills Mkokoteni Guy in Accident @ma3route

A road accident involving a Kenya Prisons bus. The bus rammed into a handcart otherwise known as mkokoteni near the Bunyala Road junction, flipping the handcart upside down and leaving two casualties lying on the road. Both the bus and the handcart pushers were heading towards the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD). The two handcart pushers, who were ferrying…

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How to find out your NHIF number via phone

What do you do if you cannot remember your NHIF number?    METHOD 1   Make a telephone call to NHIF customer care using one of the contact numbers 0800 720 601, (020) 2723255/56, (020) 2714793/94, (020) 2722527 and you’ll be sorted. The numbers are toll free.   METHOD 2   Send yout national ID…

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How To Reverse Safaricom Mpesa Paybill Transaction

METHOD 1 To reverse an M-Pesa transaction sent to the wrong paybill, you have to forward the Mpesa transaction SMS or text message you received to the shortcode 456. When you send the SMS to the Mpesa reversal code 456, the refund will be made within 24 hours.   METHOD 2 Call Safaricom customer care for the…

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How to Build a House Foundation Step by Step

Building foundations is the crucial starting point when it comes to building a house. Your foundations will safely distribute the weight of your new home and prevent the subsoil from spreading, avoiding an unequal settlement of the structure, which could lead to structural issues down the line. Mistakes at this stage could prove costly so…

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