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EIA – What kind of projects require Environment Impact Assessment be carried out?

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a critical examination of the effects of a project on the environment. An EIA identifies both negative and positive impacts of any development activity or project, how it affects people, their property and the environment. EIA also identifies measures to mitigate the negative impacts, while maximizing on the positive ones….

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Stork Meat Alert – Niwekee mwewe, managu and ugali then unatia firifiri kidogo yenye inaskika kwa umbali huko Lokichogio @KenyanTraffic

You could be eating marabou stork without you knowledge. The birds, also known as the ‘undertakers’, scavenge in their thousands at the Dandora dumpsite from where they’re sourced cheaply by crooked hotel operators. Though unfit for human consumption, the ‘undertakers’ are slaughtered in nearby slums and delivered to various city hotels. And while slum dwellers…

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Mombasa Hospital, the 128-year-old facility with a fascinating history

Until the recent fire that broke into the facility and broke headlines majority of watu wa bara had probably never heard of Mombasa Hospital one of the oldest biggest medical institutions in the region.  The History of the Mombasa Hospital begins in 1891 when the Imperial British East Africa Company, which had been granted its…

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