April 2018

Who can lodge a caveat or caution on land?

Any person who is claiming a contractual or other right over land amounting to a defined interest capable of creation by a registrable instrument, e.g. a lease, may lodge a caution with the Registrar against any dealing which is inconsistent…

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How do you place or remove a land caveat or caution?

WHAT IS A CAVEAT? The word Caveat means warning or proviso (something said as a warning, caution, or qualification). The lodging of a caveat over a property is a way telling anyone who wants to deal with the property to…

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Land Literacy: What is a Deed Plan?

A Deed Plan is a signed plan by the Director of Surveys showing the precise particulars of a surveyed piece of land. It shows the details such as the shape of the plot, the distances and bearings all-round the plot,…

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Do you know the types of land tenure systems in Kenya?

Most people seeking land for development end up with unsuitable ones for the projects they had in mind simply because they did not understand the various categories of land and the tenure system applied in Kenya. Understanding types of land…

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Land Literacy – Land holding by non-citizens

(1) A person who is not a citizen may hold land on the basis of leasehold tenure only, and any such lease, however granted, shall not exceed ninety-nine years. (2) If a provision of any agreement, deed, conveyance or document…

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Land Literacy – What is Private Land?

Private land consists of — (a) registered land held by any person under any freehold tenure; (b) land held by any person under leasehold tenure; and (c) any other land declared private land under an Act of Parliament.  

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Land Literacy – What is Community Land

(1) Community land shall vest in and be held by communities identified on the basis of ethnicity, culture or similar community of interest. (2) Community land consists of– (a) land lawfully registered in the name of group representatives under the…

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Land Literacy – What is Public Land?

(1) Public land is– (a) land which at the effective date was unalienated government land as defined by an Act of Parliament in force at the effective date; (b) land lawfully held, used or occupied by any State organ, except…

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Makao Bora