August 2017

Worst roommate I’ve ever had

For some people, our college roommates become our lifelong friends. They’re the ones we vent about life with, the ones who get to see our ugliest faces on Snapchat, and the ones we’ll be having wheelchair races with 60 years from now. For…

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Why serviced apartment is the next big thing in real estate

When planning leisure, conference or business tourism, local and international tourists give special consideration to accommodation, and for a long time, hotels were the common choice. This is changing as more and more tourists are opting for serviced apartments. “Hotel…

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This is the next big thing in real estate

Reports indicate that the best days for residential, retail and office segments might be behind us; for developers that is. What with analysts touting oversupply and prices that have stagnated? One segment, however, has received less attention than the rest…

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What elections have done to the real estate industry

The construction industry accounts for about five per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), so a booming industry is an indication of a healthy economy. This is an election year and with a political showdown between the ruling…

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Makao Bora