July 2017

How Nairobi Landmark Buildings Came to be

State House Nairobi was built in 1907 and was known as Government House before independence. It was designed by a British architect Herbert Becker.  It served as the official residence of the Governor of British East Africa when Kenya was…

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To build for sale or for rent?

When you are developing a commercial project, it’s always good to choose the most optimal model that assures you the highest returns as well as give you peace of mind. And so in the array of options, you can either…

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Bad behavior is trending online, inspiring it in real life

Young children know that name-calling is wrong. They are also taught the perils of online bullying and revenge porn: It’s unacceptable and illegal. But celebrities who engage in flagrant attacks on social media are rewarded with worldwide attention. President Donald…

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Why President Kenyatta never spent one night in State House

Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta avoided sleeping at State house Nairobi at all costs causing the rumour mills to say he was convinced that the colonial ghosts still inhabited the place since it was the governors official residence during the…

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Lilian Towers: Nairobi’s Most Creative Buildings

Lillian Towers, a building which displays graceful purity with conically-shaped exterior resembling a maize cob, Kenya’s staple food, stands on University Way opposite Nairobi University main campus. It houses the Nairobi Safari club, with about 140 all-suite apartments. The building…

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Have you seen John Travolta’s house?

This is John Travolta’s house. And here’s his “driveway.” There are a number of private fields that are set up around small, aviation neighborhoods. Most of these have homes that have private hangars and taxiways that lead to the…

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How to clean your house fast and efficiently

In order to clean your house fast and efficiently, we should always start from high to low, and from back to front. For example, always cleaning your house from upstairs and work your way down so that dirt and dust…

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How can I make my pink room less girly?

Elizabeth replies.. I love figuring out décor details to bring out personality.  Here are a couple of suggestions of what I might do if I was in your situation: Think of the pastel pink as your neutral color.  It’s like…

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Makao Bora