April 2017

7 Ways Rental Properties Can Make You Stinking Rich

If you can discover a property where the rental income takes care of the recurrent monthly costs, then you have a winning situation. Have you ever envisioned about buying a couple of units in the apartment building and changing over…

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10 Steps of Land Buying Process in Kenya

Land buying process

If you are buying land from an individual or a group, follow the following steps: 1. Ask to see the title deed or copy of title deed. Then do an official search at the ministry of lands to confirm who…

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How to Buy Land Stress-free

Once you have identified the land you need to buy does some background check on it. Ask neighbours living nearby about the history of the land. Look at the type of soil is it red soil or black cotton soil?…

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Tips for business success

One key distinction of any business is service. There are many companies dealing in similar products or services. The only way a company can distinguish itself from its competition is to create a unique service culture that cannot be copied.…

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PesaLink – finally Mpesa meets its match

Money transfer has taken on a whole new dimension with the introduction of PesaLink. PesaLink is a new money transfer service that enables money transfers from one person to another across all Kenyan banks. It is developed and owned by…

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Makao Bora