March 2017

Unusual interiors to try in your new house

Amazing interiors: Sunken Living Room– this is my dream for entertaining.     Sunken PreFab Wine Cellar   Hideaway Parking Spot that leads to your underground garage and bunker     Sunken Tub   Backyard Movie Set Up   Fish…

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How to decorate a Small Bedroom

To transform your snooze room into a fantastic get-away, use these refined little room ideas and designing strategies and astute storage tips. Make a Focal Point Each room needs a point of convergence, an eye-getting spot that sets up a…

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8 Things to Look For When Signing a Rental Lease

Rental agreement

First and foremost, let’s make one fact clear: The purpose of a lease isn’t for landlords to put a leash on their tenants. Leases exist so the landlord/tenant agreement can be superclear. The purpose of a lease is to spell…

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Rental Housing: How to Avoid Eviction

Eviction Notice

Sometimes life happens and we can no longer pay the rent or are at risk of getting evicted for another reason. Even if it means moving out, you want to do everything you can to avoid an eviction. Having an…

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7 Most clever life hacks I have learned

Life hacks

Don’t buy the latest model in the market. Whether a phone or a computer wait for a couple of months go back to the store and you’ll buy the gadget for a fraction. In a new job, don’t immediately begin…

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How to Deal With a Hater There and Then

 The key is to not let in hateful opinions of other people. Take negative opinion as someone bringing you a gift, if you do not accept the gift, who has it? Here are 5 things you could do when some…

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Makao Bora