July 2016

How to Get Unstuck and Begin Making #Progress

What is the progress? This is a very crucial question to every entrepreneur. An entrepreneur should measure the progress of his business in order to make informed decisions. The answer to this question is best given interms of numbers. Sharp…

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Lust Doesn’t Die After Marriage

Having slept in and listened to Radio Jambo’s ‘Patanisho‘, I think there are a few things this generation needs to unlearn when it comes to marriage if we are to remain responsible and authoritative as mentors. For example: 1. Children…

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How to Gain From a Bad #Economy

What is the economic status? Every entrepreneur knows that his business operates in a certain economy of a nation or economies of some region. Since the status of the economies vary from time to time, its the responsibility of the…

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Benefits of Understanding your #Port

Do you know your Port? This is particularly for entrepreneurs who deal with exports and imports. It is easy to imagine that entrepreneurs who import and export commodities are well conversant with the processes that take place at the Port.…

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Why Now is the Best Time Ever to be Young and an #Entrepreneur

Are you a young entrepreneur? “Young entrepreneurs must take advantage of the conducive environment for doing business which the government has created through an array of new legislation. The new laws have eliminated bureaucracies that used to discourage doing business.…

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Makao Bora