June 2016

How Following Your #Passion Could Change Your Life

What is your passion?[tweetthis]What is your passion?[/tweetthis] Many people have been asking me a common question: what business should I do? Choosing a business idea can be the beginning of success or failure of the business. However, this should never…

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4 Traits of a #Unique Business

Can your business ‘stand out’? Nothing is new under the sun. Any idea an entrepreneur gets has probably been tried before by other people or somebody is already thinking about it. Many businesses offer the same services and products. An…

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Vision: Learn the Secret Behind #Successful People

Can you see it? Nothing gives an entrepreneur power like a clear vision. Unless an entrepreneur can see it, he cannot achieve it. An entrepreneur must have a dream which is the larger picture of what he wants his business…

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4 Unforgettable Lessons from #Muhammad Ali

The American Heavy Weight Boxing champion who ruled the rings and wowed his fans was no doubt an exceptional individual. By the time he was hanging his gloves many of us were either not yet born or were still in…

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Go Ahead! Become a Young CEO

Are you too young to do business? I remember when I was a young adult, many of us would get business ideas and discuss them with the older generation in pursuit for advice. More times than not, they did not…

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Makao Bora