Archives June 2015

Go for a 2nd opinion

In his first four years, our son, Zig, suffered recurrent tonsillitis, inflammation of the tonsils, or so we thought. And doctor after doctor from reputable hospitals diagnosed him as much and encouraged us that he will grow over it by the time he’s past four. But he didn’t. Then a close friend, Dr. Larry Kamamia…

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Never be Mentored by Losers

We are in a country where many people talk big with no real stuff! The media constantly lures young professionals to reach the top before they turn 40! On three different occasions I have been approached by fellows who want to feature my story. But their true motivation was a brown envelop. Not real stories….

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You don’t need a job!

Are you perpetually growing tired with your job? Is your job the number 1 cause of your stress? Is your boss less qualified than you are and works less than you do, yet s/he earns more than you and is consistently insecure with your presence? Do you sense that you are in a career transition…

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