Archives June 2015

Go for a 2nd opinion

In his first four years, our son, Zig, suffered recurrent tonsillitis, inflammation of the tonsils, or so we thought. And doctor afte r doctor from reputable hospitals diagnosed him as much and encouraged us that he will grow over it by the time he’s past four. But he didn’t. Then a close friend, Dr. Larry…

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Never be Mentored by Losers

We are in a country where many people talk big with no real stuff! The media constantly lures young professionals to reach the top before they turn 40! On three different occasions I have been approached by fellows who want to feature my story. But their true motivation was a brown envelop. Not real stories….

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You don’t need a job!

Are you perpetually growing tired with your job? Is your job the number 1 cause of your stress? Is your boss less qualified than you are and works less than you do, yet s/he earns more than you and is consistently insecure with your presence? Do you sense that you are in a career transition…

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