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types of landlords

4 Types of Landlords

The Sadist He’s hell-bent to cause you as much suffering as possible. from day one he will warn you of dire consequences if you don’t remit your rent before the 2nd day of every month. He will go ahead and spell out his unwritten version of draconian by-laws and their penalties including things like no…

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5 Ways Kenyans lose Money on Property

IGNORING OFFICIAL SEARCH In fear on losing a good deal or rather believing that is the only deal in the whole world, many property buyers have rushed to make payments first and conduct the search later. Only to discover later that they have joined the long list of those who have fallen prey to property…

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Slash Advertising Cost by 95%

Sell/let your property on and save 95% advertising cost. At Ksh 300 your Ad is displayed for 90days. It’s also auto shared on 14 different websites and circulated on our weekly newsletter.

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Orie Rogo Manduli on Real Estate

It’s not a surprise that Orie Rogo Manduli had been trending on Twitter several hours after her interview on #JKL. Below are some of here scathing, forthright comments touching on real estate: @JuicyFile YOWERI MUSEVENI was once my Tenant, says ORIE ROGO MANDULI- #KOT #JuicyFile @nancyokutah It’s sad that ordinary Kenyans toil so hard to…

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Joint Venture Proposal for sub-division of Longonot 15 acres

We are looking for Joint Venture partner for a project to sub-divide, market and sell plots out of 15 acres land in Longonot. The land is flat, facing Mt. Longonot, touching old Naivasha road, close to railway line, Longonot gate and planned railway inland container deport / station. Area of the land touching tarmac is…

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You didn’t know these benefits of a log house

Energy Efficient Logs houses have an unmatched natural attribute know as thermal mass. Wood has the ability to conserve energy from the environment and release it later keeping the house comfortable in all seasons. It’s a natural regulator bringing down your heating or cooling cost. Aesthetics If you have come across a carefully done log…

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Weird Laws

In Kenya it is illegal to drive barefooted, or even in open shoes/sandals No gum in Singapore: gum has been banned in Singapore for over 20 years. It’s illegal to chew gum unless prescribed by a doctor. In France you can legally marry a dead person as long as the wedding was planned before the…

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The Folly of Passion

Starting a business in the are of your passion is a big plus. However you must not think even for one moment that it’s going to be easy. All the vagaries of trade will hit you just the same way they hit every entrepreneur. Passion doesn’t attract profits it only motivates you to begin and…

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