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Guy Scott 12 things you didn't know about Zambia's Former Interim President

He became the acting president of Zambia after the death of Michael Sata He became the first white head of state in Africa since Fredrick De Klerk in 1994. He served in the Ministry of Finance as a planner. Scott is ineligible for the forthcoming election because the constitution of Zambia requires for presidential candidates…

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Football Hooliganism Borders Terrorism

Destruction of Property The incidents in Machakos last weekend left a trail of destruction. It didn’t matter whether or not you were a fan, a passerby or a trader. Properties worth millions of shillings were destroyed. I need someone to explain to me how this is different from terrorism. Grievous Injuries Hooligans like terrorists have…

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Owning vs Renting a House…Continued.

This article is a continuation of "Renting Vs Owning a house" If you missed the first part please find here Reasons for Renting. Reasons for Buying: INCREASED EQUITY When you pay rent you are increasing the landlords equity. However with each installment paid towards your mortgage to get closer to owning that house and you…

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Renting Vs Owning a house

[tweetthis]5 Reasons That Renting Isn’t “Throwing Money Away”[/tweetthis] To many of us owning a house is a dream that tops our bucket list. The security that comes with not having to answer the landlord’s knock or being asked to move. Reasons for Renting: FLEXIBILITY: With renting you can be able to choose which neighborhood to…

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How to increase the value of your property

If you are small real estate dealer, here are simple ways you can increase the value of a low-priced piece of property and sell it at a premium rate:[tweetthis]How to sell cheap property at premium rate[/tweetthis] EXTRA ROOM An additional room may dramatically increase the overall value of your property or the rental income. Only…

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